understanding the downstream healthcare supply chain

Disclosures on supply chain sustainability

supply chain sustainability by the Australian Securities Exchange top 100 companies measured by market capitalisation (ASX 100) as of 15 July 2011 Few if any previous studies of this nature have focused on the sustainability of both upstream and downstream elements of ASX 100 supply chain

How to Describe the Three Segments of a Supply Chain

There are three segments of the supply chain to examine when your aim is cost efficiency: upstream internal and downstream Negotiate with the external suppliers you are dealing with If you think a better deal can be found elsewhere move your business to a different company within the upstream segment of the supply chain

How Do We Heal the Healthcare Value

For most companies in the healthcare value chain supply chain processes are still evolving It is time to step up and drive change All segments of the healthcare value chain lag in their understanding of supply chain leadership In the past three decades of supply chain transformation the greatest shifts happened through leaders

Future Supply Chains Enabled by Continuous Processing

28 01 2015Future supply chains will be required to enhance affordability and availability for patients and healthcare providers alike despite the increased product complexity In this more challenging supply scenario we examine the potential for a more pull driven near real-time demand-based supply chain utilizing continuous processing where appropriate as a key element of a more "flow-through

Global Healthcare Supply Chain Management Market

Chapter 13: Healthcare Supply Chain Management Research Findings and Conclusion Appendix methodology and data source Scope of Healthcare Supply Chain Management Market Report: Report provides factors that are contributing to and influencing the expansion of the global Healthcare Supply Chain Management market

Back to the Basics: What's the Core Purpose of Supply

As supply chain professionals and SCM technology enthusiasts our conversations and discussions are often forward-looking Sometimes it's essential to focus on the here and now before looking ahead In this post we'll cover some of the basics of what supply chain management entails and why it's a critical component in fueling supply chain

The potential of AI in the healthcare supply chain

Karen Conway provides an interesting analysis on SupplyChainBrain about the potential and application opportunities of AI in the healthcare supply chain The below provides a summary of her writings and in particular provides the list of promising applications she sees in the supply chain Predictive analytics On

Understanding Healthcare's Value Chain

Understanding Healthcare's Value Chain CPD 5m Published: 02 June 2015 Value is an ambiguous term in healthcare It could refer to a number of things—the speed of delivery the quality the availability or perhaps even the cost of care However as countries like Australia continue to address the rising budgetary costs of healthcare

Supply Chain Management Process Flow Charts

Supply chain management is the end to end process that describes the flow of goods from procurement and receiving all the way to distribution to consumers or end users There are a substantial number of supply chain management processes and sub-processes that benefit from process modeling flow charts and workflows Continue reading to learn how flow charts and workflows can be beneficial to

Supply Chain Disruption: The Bad The Ugly The Future

Supply Chain Disruption in the Future The supply chain world in relative terms has transformed fairly quickly over the last few decades Globalization industry 4 0 the Internet and technological advancement have been the driving forces in manufacturing The transportation industry has been a little slower to evolve Manufacturers manage a complex network of plants providers suppliers and

Understanding the Basics of Supply Chain Analytics

Understanding the Basics of Supply Chain Analytics Today's supply chains move millions of shipments around the world each year but just think for a moment about the information required to ensure these shipments get from A to B safely and on timethe information flows primarily based on EDI/B2B transactions to support today's global supply chains are growing in volume year-on-year

If Supply Chain Finance is to Grow Where are the Banks?

Everyone going to Supply Chain Finance conferences hears the stories of how popular SCF has become and how many lenders are looking to move downstream to provide SCF or Payable Finance beyond just the big rich corporates I call Bullshit I have talked to a number of regional banks who have either downsized their SCF offering or have found it

Gaps in the Global Medical Supply Chain

In her presentation at the Standing Committee's first public workshop Margaret Brandeau Coleman F Fung Professor of Engineering at Stanford University defined the public health response supply chain necessary for the rapid procurement and distribution of medical and pharmaceutical supplies trained personnel and information in a public health emergency (NASEM 2016)

Digitising the petrochemical supply chain

Digitising the petrochemical supply chain "Digitisation has already disrupted several industries We wanted to assess its impact analysing not only its challenges but also its opportunities to understand how digitisation can add value to the petrochemical supply chain " recalls Caroline Ciuciu CEO of EPCA the European Petrochemical Association

Top 23 Supply Chain Interview Questions and Answers Guide

I had red the article about the 23 questions for supply chain interview for Dr Muddassir Ahmed and found it not only useful for professional Procurement managersindeed it is helpful in creating such professional managersit is very informative easy to understand and use in a supply chain and procurements practical lifeI just love it and certainly it is going to help me and others

Opportunities of Supply Chain Management in Healthcare

The supply chain was identified as a means to equate supply and demand Innumerable flows between suppliers and customers upstream and downstream have to be considered to strike the balance It became obvious that the following article could not cover all these various streams and strands and therefore we had to limit their focus on the manufacturer of pharmaceutical and medical-surgical

Supply Chain's laboratory experiment

"Conversations with these key sTongWeiholders can help Supply Chain gain a better understanding of these challenges and others unique to the institution the lab is supporting " Wert emphasized "Open communication with key sTongWeiholders can also bring to light ways in which the laboratory can optimize its operations — via the equipment it uses — to accomplish goals such as reducing

2017 Healthcare Supply Chain Trends Survey

Healthcare supply chain is a "wicked problem" — meaning that the perceived problem is difficult to define and substantially without precedent characterized by multiple significant sTongWeiholders with conflicting values and priorities and for which there are many apparent causes 3 This year's study questioned both provider and suppliers on areas of inquiry pertaining to supply chain

Understanding the Future of Supply Chain in Healthcare

As healthcare shifts to outcome-based models big data will become all the more important for both tracking and implementation Big data will improve the entire healthcare supply chain and treatment in general 5 Use the Supply Chain to Empower In the past supply chain management was often thought of as nuisance management

Managerial research on the pharmaceutical supply chain

Generic supply chain terminologies [G] (e g supply network distribution network logistics etc ): the continued presence of studies using these terminologies strengthens supply chain literature while providing an understanding of issues in the pharmaceutical and healthcare

Supply Chain Exposures—What It Means to a Risk

Supply chain interruption—supplier and customer—must be a concern for everyone in the organization not just the risk manager It TongWeis an in-depth understanding of the organization's work product and service process and its ability to sustain itself in both the short term and long term without the critical supplier or customer Contingent business interruption insurance for loss of income

Understanding Supply Chain Network Technology

Aug 23 2019For supply chain executives transitioning to this new model requires implementing a supply chain trading partner operating model that supports the networked enterprise providing interoperability and visibility with reduced complexity The supply chain

Supply Chain Exposures—What It Means to a Risk

Supply chain interruption—supplier and customer—must be a concern for everyone in the organization not just the risk manager It TongWeis an in-depth understanding of the organization's work product and service process and its ability to sustain itself in both the short term and long term without the critical supplier or customer

Zara Clothing Company Supply Chain

Jan 04 2020Yet the supply chain model presented here is still a useful picture of the Zara supply chain and illustrates its operations and its capabilities (see more about this in "Supply Chain Modeling and Simulation Logic") This case study and supply chain

PwC Canada's cannabis series: Chapter 8

iii) Downstream retailers may find their supply chain planning impacted by competition from the black market which we expect to be strong in the early days of the new marketplace They will also be challenged by the different rules and regulations adopted by the provinces Depending on jurisdictional requirements retail cannabis prices may be set by regulators limiting sellers' abilities

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